Storage Fees and Application Form

Boat Storage DescriptionCode2018/2019 (Incl. GST)
Windsurfer SpaceBS1  $94.50
Bottom SpaceBS2$362.00
Large TopBS3$283.50
Small TopBS4$241.50
P’s and Opti’sBS5$178.50
Platform/Tarmac SmallBS6$136.50
Tarmac MediumBS7$168.00
Tarmac LargeBS8$189.00
Tarmac Xtra LargeBS9$262.50
Small SpaceBS10$126.00

Application for NYC Boat Storage 2018/2019 Season

Boat Storage Rental Agreement is from 1 September – 31 August each year and must be renewed annually by completing this Boat Storage Application before by 4 September each year (yes, that does mean you do need to complete the form each year and failure to do so could mean we are unable to provide you with boat storage ). You must be a current NYC member.

Spaces will be allocated by NYC and where possible existing spaces will be allocated to the current holder.


New Storage Request

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Storage Renewal Request

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1. Purpose (a) The purpose of storage at NYC is to facilitate the water based sports, training and education activities of the club.2. Eligibility (a) To be eligible for Storage you must be a current full sailing member of NYC (b) Storage Applications must be received on the Boat Storage Application Form found on the NYC website - Rental Term (a) Rental is on an annual basis from 1 September to 31 August each year. (b) Subletting of spaces is not permitted. (c) Spaces are not transferable. (d) It is at NYCs total discretion to allocate or terminate storage at any time. (e) As the activities of the club evolve, the spaces being used may have to be reallocated. Normally the member will receive one month notice.4. Rental Renewal (a) Applications for renewal of rental space are to be made prior to 20 September each year and must be on Boat Storage Request Form.5. Rental Charges & Payment (a) Please refer to current year’s Subscription and Boat Storage Charges found on the NYC website. (b) Storage charges are set at the Nelson Yacht Club AGM and may change annually prior to a new Rental Term. (c) Payment for Storage is required in advance6. Rental Description/Renters Obligations (a) Only boats and equipment relating to Nelson Yacht Club activities may be stored. (b) All boats, trolleys and equipment stored must be named with the boat name and/or boat number. (c) No occupier of rental space to carry out any structural or fitting alterations without the prior approval of the Boat Storage Master. (d) Boat Storage Gates must be locked at all times when Renter is not in the storage area. (e) Boats, trolleys and equipment must be fully contained within the allocated rental space. (f) Rented spaces must be kept in a tidy condition. (g) Any loose gear left lying about the premises will be removed and/or disposed of at the discretion of NYC. (h) Boats, trolleys and equipment must be adequately secured. Failure to adequately secure boats leading to damage to other property will render the owner liable for any repairs. (i) If boats are padlocked a key must be provided to NYC. If boats need to be moved owners will be notified first so they have the choice of moving it themselves or having it moved for them. (j) Boats stored in outside spaces will be allocated inside storage for masts and sails. Spars or other gear hung from the roof must not create a danger for other users. (k) If boats are stored on road trailers, the only part of the trailer allowed to extend beyond the perimeter of the boat is the drawbar. This must not be excessive and will be determined by the Boat Storage Master 7. Storage Priorities - Priority use of storage will be: (a) Safety and rescue boats and equipment owned and used by the club to run events. (b) Training boats, ribs and equipment used by the club for club and Sailing School activity (c) Boats belonging to active members of the club that are regularly participating and supporting the club either on or off the water (preferably both) (d) In the event of there being more applications than spaces available a Waitlist Register will be held. Preference given on a first-in-basis, meeting conditions of 26 above.8. Responsibility & Security (a) All boats, gear and personal property stored on the Club’s premises and the use of the slip way, winch, hoisting gear, trolley and boat deck is at “OWNER’S RISK”.9. Insurance (a) Insurance for items stored is the sole responsibility of the owner. The Club’s insurance does not cover private property.10. Rental Cancellation, Termination and Resignation (a) All spaces are to remain the responsibility of the member renting the space, until notice of termination is received by the Administration Committee in writing. (b) All items must be removed within seven (7) days of cancellation, termination or resignation of membership. (c) If the item has not been removed within seven (7) days of cancellation, termination or resignation, NYC shall be entitled to dispose of it. The proceeds of any sale shall be applied to all expenses of detainment and sale, resulting from the members breach and any other monies that may be owed to NYC. The balance, if any, shall be returned to the member. (d) All keys must be returned to NYC upon cancellation, termination or resignation.