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Learn to sail, learn to windsurf or learn to wingfoil as an adult. Yes, it is not too late to get hooked on watersports at Nelson Yacht Club!

A good first step is to have a 90 minute “Taster” – either book with a friend or family member, or we’ll pair you up with someone. We also offer private tuition, and this is the only option for our foiling lessons.

We run 12 hour courses; either over a single intense weekend, or over a series of 6 weekday evenings.

You can be a non-member and do an initial course, but for any subsequent courses everyone needs to become a member.

Please do check out the info below on the types of boats/equipment and format of courses, and feel free to give us a call to discuss the best option for YOU!

Pricing (sailing / windsurfing / wingfoiling)

90 minute Taster :

  • $80p/p based on a minimum of 2 people.

12hr Group courses (sailing / windsurfing only):

  • $320 as a non-member / $260 as an NYC member*

*If you have not done a course with us in the past, but you want to do the Improvers/Intermediate course as a non-member, then you can pay $320.

Private Tuition:

  • $110/hr or $440 for 5hrs as a non-member
  • $90/hr or $360 for 5hrs as an NYC member

NB. We run all our adult wingfoiling lessons as private tuition. If there are two of you, you may be able to combine your lessons to share 2hrs between you.

2hr clinic / Drop-In Session

  • $80 or $50 as an NYC member – Subject to availability


Weekly evening courses (18:00 – 20:00):

  • Mondays – Wāhine on Water (women only) – starts 30th Oct
    • Learn to Sail Level 1 Course
    • Sailing Refresher / Progression Group
    • Learn to Windsurf
    • Wāhine Wingfoilers
  • Tuesdays – check out Twilight Racing
  • Wednesdays – starting 1st Nov
    • Learn to Sail Level 1 Course
    • Intermediate Sailing
    • Learn to Windsurf
  • Fridays – starting 3rd Nov
    • Improver Sailing
    • Intermediate Sailing
    • Wingfoil Fridays

Weekend Courses (10:00 – 16:30):

  • Learn to Sail Level 1 – 18th & 19th November
  • Learn to Sail Level 1 – 2nd & 3rd December
  • Learn to Windsurf Course – 9th & 10th December
  • Intermediate Sailing – 16th & 17th December
  • Learn to Windsurf Course – 17th & 18th February
  • Learn to Sail Level 1 – 2nd & 3rd March
  • Intermediate Sailing – 23rd & 24th March


  • TBC


If you hav already done a course with us and you have a club profile, you must:

  1. LOG IN to your profile and complete registrations there – a good opportunity to update any details too 🙂
  2. Hit the “Register Now” button
  3. Select the relevant registration form (E.g. Adult Programmes),
  4. update/complete and required fields and then select the relevant GROUP.

If you have not done a course with us before, and you do not have a club profile, please click the “Register Now” button here:

Learn to Sail Fleet

We have different formats/courses that use different boats depending on your water-confidence and agility.

Fusion / Topaz Uno

  • used for all our group beginner courses
  • If you don’t mind the idea of getting tipped into the water and capsizing, then the Fusion / Topaz Unos are for you!
  • We have up to 6 students each in their own boat with an instructor teaching from a patrol boat.
  • You get to spend more time on the helm (steering).
  • We run most of our Learn to Sail courses in this format.

Topaz Omega

  • perfect for private tuition
  • Ideal for Tasters, Private Tuition & for larger or less agile adults.
  • Durable plastic training boat, with asymmetric spinnaker and trapeze for more advanced training.
  • Can comfortably fit 3 adults with an instructor on board.

RS Fevas

  • taking the next step!
  • These are the new boats in the fleet and reserved for more experienced sailors.
  • Adult single-hander, or double-hander (smaller adults)
  • Asymmetric Spinnaker / Gennaker

Learn to Windsurf Kit

Beginner windsurfing lessons are taught on high volume (225l), wide, and heavy plastic boards that give maximum stability. The boards have a retractable centreboard to enable steering and sailing across the wind.

We also have smaller boards (160L / 180L) with centreboards that are more suited to youths and the smaller/lighter learners, or as a good progression board. For more advanced windsurfers, we go all the way down to 70l wave boards.

Rigs are lightweight, with reduced diameter masts and booms, and dacron sails that make them easier to pull up and generate power in light winds. We have training rigs from 2.0m2 up to 4.8m2.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, or for more advanced windsurfers, we have fully battened RAF freeride sails up to 7.4m and camber-induced sails all the way up to 9.2m2.

Learn to Wingfoil Kit

Beginner wing lessons take place on our beginner windsurfing boards or stand-up paddleboards, with a selection of different sized wings available to suit the students and the conditions.

For “First Flight” lessons, we have Naish 140l Crossover boards that offer a good balance of stability, waterline length and weight. When paired with our dedicated beginner foils from Armstrong, they are a great platform for learning to foil.

We also have a selection of smaller boards, foils and wings to try from brands such as Armstrong, Naish, PPC, and Sic Maui.

For more information on the brands and equipment that we either stock or have access to, head here: Https:// or get in touch –