Membership Fees

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Subscriptions – all rates include GST

For the 2020-21 membership year only, Nelson Yacht Club has elected to reduce the club portion of the subscription by approx 20% (subject to rounding). This is to offer some flexibility to families and individuals who have been financially affected by the economic impact of Covid-19.

If you feel that you have not been materially affected, you can choose to donate the ‘balance’ of the amount that you would normally have paid to the club. This will be gratefully accepted as a contribution to the ongoing activities of the club and a receipt for the donation to a registered charity can be issued for tax purposes.

Type NYC Sub YNZ Legal Total Discount
Senior $117.91 $30.59 $5.00 $153.50 $26.50
Family – up to 2 people $168.30 $53.20 $5.00 $226.50 $44
Family – 3 or more $155.50 $66.00 $5.00 $226.50 $44
Youth (under 18) $50.41 $30.59 $5.00 $86.00 $10
Associate $34.41 $30.59 $5.00 $70.00 $5
Affiliate $31.50 $31.50