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The Harbour Championships Series

This is the club’s headline series, with more ‘regatta-style’ racing, and up to 15 races across 5 Saturdays in the season.

Sailors will head out to Tasman Bay on properly aligned courses (windward/leeward, triangle, trapezoid etc…).

Racing is ‘scratch’, with no handicaps applied within fleets/classes. Fleets/classes start in the Divisions as per general club racing (see below).

There is normally an ‘Open Class’ for each division where boats that are not part of a Class can race against each other on a Weymouth Yardstick.

General Club Racing

The general club racing is split into a Spring Series, raced inside the harbour, and a Summer Series and Autumn Series generally raced outside provided conditions are suitable.

Sailors race in handicap divisions:

Div Handicap
Fleet Classes
1 >1.00 NP 1 29er, FD, A Class, PT etc…
2 0.815 – 0.999 NP 2 ILCA(laser), Europe, OK, Farr 3.7, 420
3 0.685 – 0.814 NP 3  Starling, Topaz, RS Feva etc…
4 <0.685 NP 4 Optimist, Open Skiff, P Class etc…
Green Green

Check out the Sailing Instructions

Special Events

Throughout the season there are a number of speciality/feature races. These include:

  • The Glasgow Picture – traditionally the first race of the season, a “Round the Island Race” (pictured).
  • The Cardinal Mark Race (‘Mark Foy’ start) – This is a pursuit race around the Cardinal Mark out in the bay, where the slower sailors set off first and the faster sailors try to catch them up. First home wins!
  • The Top of the Harbour – on a big high tide, sailors will race up inside the Nelson Haven towards the iconic Boulderbank Baches.
  • Wahine on Water days, Open Days, Topaz ladders and various other casual events.

Check out the Racing Calendar

The Tuesday Twilight Series

Casual, fun, short-course racing on a Tuesday evening through the spring and late summer – tied-in with the school terms.

Briefing at ~6pm, with 3 or 4 short races in front of the club from ~6.30pm. Finishing up at ~7.30pm.

It is a great opportunity for people to have a go at racing for the first time, or to get back in a boat for the first time in years – with the club Topaz Unos and RS Feva available to rent. Also open to more experienced sailors with their own boats (single-handers only).

More info here: Twilight Racing

Local, Regional & National Regattas

These are multi-day sailing events. Nelson Yacht Club host’s its annual Whakatu Regatta over the middle weekend of January each year, and we take turns with Queen Charlotte Yacht Club to host the Nelson & Marlborough Regional Championships. We also host a number of different and national regattas from time to time.

The programme also sits within a wider scope of regional and national regattas held at other clubs around the country, that Nelson sailors in different classes travel to and compete in.

Check out the upcoming events, as well as past events, from the main menu.