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Windsurfing is an iconic sport that involves harnessing the power of the wind with a sail and channelling it through your body to drive a board along over the water. It has a huge variety of disciplines to suit anyone from the most laid-back, cruisy types, to hardcore adrenaline junkies.

It is a sport that people can learn from the ages of around 7 to 70!

With modern equipment, good conditions, and the right instruction, it is a very easy sport to learn… you can be up and gliding across the water in a matter of minutes! With a little more instruction, you’ll be able to steer where you want to go and make ground towards & away from the wind.

Once you have developed an awareness of how to control the power in the sail and how to balance your bodyweight against this power, you can learn to use a harness. This allows you to use bigger sails and start going faster. It also helps take some of the strain off your arms.

Venture out in a bit more breeze and you’ll start to get planing, where the board starts to skip across the top of the water instead of pushing through it… the difference in speed is dramatic. Most windsurfers could tell you the time and place that they first experienced the sensation of getting planing. If you weren’t already hooked before… you will be now.

Similar to sailing, we offer groups for different ability levels at all ages:

  • Windsurfers will be introduced to the marine environment safely and learn how to stay safe on, in and around the water.
  • Everything from board balancing games, through to the theory of how to windsurf upwind, and basic turning around.
  • Generally two windsurfers share a board to start with, before progressing to having their own kit.
  • This group is for those who have done some windsurfing before and can get into the sailing position and sail across the wind, making basic turns.
  • The group focuses on improving steering and making faster / tighter tacks and gybes.
  • We’ll work on stance and body position, before potentially introducing the harness.
  • For those competently windsurfing upwind and downwind in moderate conditions, this group focuses on getting planing, and going FAST!
  • Harness, footstraps, improved stance and blasting control
  • Bigger sails, smaller boards
  • Beach starts, light-wind freestyle.
  • Able to handle stronger winds, and blasting back and forth in control.
  • Working down board sizes.
  • Waterstarts, foiling, carve gybes.

*NB. There may be occasions where we may amalgamate groups to ensure viability. Windsurfing is a great sport for mixed-ability groups, with the instructor able to set each student practising something and all work together in the same area. Different days will bring different conditions, and the group’s focus can be adapted.

three windsurfers blasting on the Nelson harbour
youth windsurfer getting planing in strong winds

Learn to windsurf for rangatahi 10-16yrs

With stable boards and small, lightweight rigs, windsurfing is easy for all. However, we do suggest a minimum age of 10 years, as it can be quite a physical week.

No sailing experience necessary. It can also be a good option for sailors looking for something a bit different.

We have groups along the same lines as sailing – Beginners / Improvers / Intermediates

Learn to windsurf for adults

With the right conditions, the right equipment, and the right instruction, learning to windsurf can be a breeze.

We offer weekend courses, terms of weekly evening classes, private tuition, clinics, and supervised hire.

As part of our women and girls strategy we run a “Wāhine on Water” Monday, and we’d love to get together a group of wahine windsurfers!