New Membership Applications

Nelson Yacht Club invites new membership applications throughout the year.

The membership year runs from the 1st September to the 31st August, with the sailing season running October to April inclusive. A calendar/programme of events is published for each season.

Applications for membership are provisional until approved by the Administration Committee at it’s monthly meeting, with the exception of Youth Memberships which are accepted automatically.

We use a platform called Friendly Manager to manage our membership database and activity bookings.

With any of these database systems there are a few idiosyncrasies and things to watch out for. Here are some top tips:

  • Once an email address has been registered once in the system, you can’t use it on a registration form again.
  • Once registered, you will need to log in to your profile and complete any further registrations from within Friendly Manager. *The link to the login page can be found on the main menu of this website.
  • Parents of Youth Members should complete the registration forms for the Youth Member, and add themselves as Parent Contacts. As a Parent Contact you can have multiple Youth Members connected to your profile and manage all registrations and fees for them.
  • Honorary Life Members should complete the “Senior Membership” form and select “Life Member” as their membership type.

A note on Groups

  • The Friendly Manager system is structured around groups.
  • Members and users can be in multiple active groups at once.
  • We have groups for
    • the different membership types,
    • the types of club activities people participate in, and
    • for the different racing classes
  • By registering into the right groups, you will receive more targeted communication. It will be easier for staff and coordinators to get in touch with the people they need to.

Please contact with any enquiries.