Sailing Notes for all Classes

Decisions on Courses: Fleet Representatives are required to meet at 11.30am inside the lower lounge each race day and after studying weather forecasts and faxes etc, in consultation with the Race Officers and other Fleet Representatives, decide on the course(s) for the day.

Safety when Sailing on a non NYC Race Day: When not racing, all centreboard yachts must fill in the intention sheet (located on the notice board on the west wall of the lower lounge) with details of departure time, destination and estimated time of return. Once ashore please put one line through your entry to indicate your safe return.
Radio Frequency: The Nelson Yacht Club patrol boats and sail management operates on VHF Channel 77.

Patrol Boats: Each patrol boat must have a minimum of two people aged 15 years or over on board. Those two are the Patrol boat crew. Patrol boats are not spectator craft and must not carry spectators. When coaches are on the water there must be another person in the boat.

Patrol Boat Responsibilities: At least eight people are required for the Patrol Fleet and committee boat on Club racing days. All should have life jackets. Four of these people must be prepared to drive the boats while the others must be prepared to get into the water and assist people in difficulties if necessary and secure yachts. The operation of Patrol Boats 3 & 4 are confined to the inner harbour unless authorised by the Vice Commodore.

All patrol boats and committee boat must sign on and off by radio with the Inside Race Officer each sailing day. Any gear or craft faults must be reported to the patrol boat maintenance officers or the Vice Commodore to enable the boats to be repaired in time for the following week. One person is required for the committee boat to make a total of two on board. This person does not need race management skills but should not be prone to seasickness because the boat sits on station for long periods of time. They need to be dressed appropriately.

Health and Safety Issues and Policy: The club is committed to ensuring the safety of members and guests so Health and Safety will take priority at all times during Club activities. The H&S system is based on a risk assessment process with a supporting system of safe operating procedures for both shore-based and on-the-water activities. Members are required to complete an induction programme and for those operating the winch or support vessels, regular training is required.

All injuries and near miss incidents are to be reported to the Officer of the Day as soon as possible. Members who do not follow required H&S procedures may be excluded from club events at the discretion of the Administration Committee.

This policy will be reviewed annually prior to the sailing season.