Term Activities – Youth

During school terms 4 and 1 we run blocks of after-school and weekend sessions for sailing and windsurfing groups.

The 7-week term is $200.

RS Fevas sailing in Nelson

Term 4 Groups

  • Tuesdays 3:45-5:45pm (starting October 26th)
    • Improver Topaz
    • Intermediate Topaz
    • Fevas
    • Windsurfing
  • Wednesdays 3:45-5:45pm (starting October 27th)
    • Intermediate Optimists
    • Beginner Topaz
    • Improver Topaz
    • Windsurfing
  • Fridays 3:45-5:45pm (starting October 29th)
    • Intermediate Optimists
    • Green Fleet Optimists
    • Green Fleet Topaz
    • Fevas
  • Saturdays 10am-12noon (starting October 30th)
    • Beginner Optimists
    • Improver Optimists
    • Intermediate Optimists
  • Sundays (starting October 31st)
    • Beginner Optimists (10am – 12noon)
    • Improver Optimists (1-3pm)
  • Mondays 3:45-5:45pm (starting November 1st)
    • Improver Optimists
    • Intermediate Optimists
    • Advanced Topaz
    • Windsurfing

Please note that groups and levels are subject to change at any time in order to meet demand and to ensure viable groups.

The RS Feva is a great boat to progress to more advanced sailing

Which Group!?

We try to organise our groups by age and ability level*

Age generally determines the type of boat/equipment that your young sailor will be using:

  • Optimists: 8-11yrs
  • Topaz: >11yrs
  • Fevas: >11yrs and >intermediate level
  • Windsurfing: >10yrs

We then split groups up by ability level:

  • Beginners: Students will be introduced to the marine environment safely and learn how to stay safe on, in and around the water. They’ll have heaps of fun learning the essential skills for sailing a small sailing boat like the Optimist, plus capsizing, swimming, loads of games and races.
  • Improvers: This group is for kids who have done some sailing, but who have not yet completed the YNZ Level 1 Certificate. This may often be the smaller/younger kids, and the group focuses on fun and building confidence as well as working towards the Level 1.
  • Intermediates: Designed for kids who have already done quite a bit of sailing and are looking to extend their skills and maybe try different boats etc… We’ll be working on skills that are part of the YNZ “Sailing….Fast” or Level 2 syllabus. It can take a bit longer to achieve the Level 2 certificate, so you might be in this group for a few courses before reaching the level and moving on to Advanced/Green Fleet training.
  • Advanced/Green Fleet: Learning to race! Sailing in either a club Optimist or your own boat, these groups of sailors can handle themselves around a course and in moderate conditions, and are now looking at how to start and compete in races.
  • Fleet Training: Sailors with their own boats, training and honing their racing skills.

*NB. These guidelines are not set in stone, and there will be occasions where we may amalgamate groups to ensure viability, or where younger experienced sailors may be able to join a Topaz/Feva group.

Please get in touch with any questions. Call us on 022 548 7501 or email manager@nelsonyachtclub.org.nz


Please note, anyone who has completed an initial course with the club previously must also become an NYC Youth Member* in order to participate in further courses. This will also allow them to join in Saturday afternoon club sailing activities with the FREE use of a club boat – subject to availability and suitable conditions.

*If you have already got a club login then you can do this from within your profile – log in here. If you haven’t, then please first register them as a Youth Member here, and then Log In and register them for the appropriate activity group within your Friendly Manager profile.

To register a new sailor for a training group, please complete the form below. This will create a profile and login for you within our membership management and booking system powered by Friendly Manager.

For any subsequent registrations or if you already have a login, you will not be able to use this form. Instead, you must log in to your profile and complete registrations within Friendly Manager. Just click “Register Now” and then select the appropriate form.