2021-22 Membership Renewals

We are excited to launch our new membership management and booking system, powered by Friendly Manager.

The aims of the new system are to provide a more streamlined experience for members and users of the club, save administration time/cost, allow more targeted communication, and give better reporting & statistics.

As a member you will now have a log-in with the club that will give you access to your information, the ability to update it when necessary, as well as make bookings & registrations. You’ll be able to see all invoices from the club and make online payments if you wish.

We need everyone who was a member of the club last season, and who would like to renew for the 2021-22 season to complete one of the registration forms below. The best bit is that once done, that’s it… all future registrations will pre-populate with your information 🙂

Membership Fees for the 2021-22 season can be found here.

Top Tips!

With any of these database systems there are a few idiosyncrasies and things to watch out for. Here are some top tips:

  • Once an email address has been registered once in the system, you can’t use it on a registration form again. You’ll need to log in to your profile and complete any further registrations from within Friendly Manager.
  • Honorary Life Members should complete the “Senior Membership” form and select “Life Member” as their membership type.
  • We do ask for quite a bit of information, but it is exactly this info that contributes towards a successful and active club scene. Please complete as much as you can.

A note on “Groups”

  • The Friendly Manager system is structured around groups.
  • Members and users can be in multiple active groups at once.
  • We have groups for
    • different membership types,
    • types of club activities people participate in, and
    • for the different racing classes
  • By registering into the right groups, you will receive more targeted communication and it will be easier for staff and coordinators to get in touch with the people they need to.
  • If you have multiple interests, please make sure you register in multiple groups.
  • Soon, each of the sailing school courses/activities will also be a group that is available for you to register yourself or your children into.