Regatta Information

With the majority of sailors travelling from Auckland, we intend to manage the regatta under Level 2 guidelines and create two designated spaces at the club (as shown below) to ensure that no gatherings of >100 people occur and physical distancing guidelines can be observed.

Please read through our Covid-19 Plan:

Race Management Policy:

Sailing Instruction Amendments:

We have a number of SI amendments to come. These will be published here and on the Team App no later that Thursday 24th September.

Arrivals & Designated Areas


There will be two windows / access points for registration as
shown on the map – one for North Island competitors and one for South Island
competitors. Please ensure physical distancing guidelines are adhered to in any
queuing situation.

Your details will be checked and you will ‘Sign-On’ for the
regatta. You will be issued with:

  • A Safety Checklist / Declaration to take away and complete. If you want to complete this ahead of time it can also be found below.
  • A Check-out/in Tag – Don’t lose it!
  • A corresponding trolley tag/flag
  • An Event T-Shirt
  • A Red/Blue Ribbon depending on your North/South bubble. NB. These are NOT fleet ribbons, but just there to assist keeping people to their designated space.
  • Support boat skippers please collect your packs.

NYC Regatta Safety Briefing