Support Boat Information

No support boats may be launched from the Nelson Yacht Club. Instead, they may be launched from the Nelson Marina public launching ramp, on Akersten Street – to the west of the position marked on the map below. Boat owners will need to purchase a parking permit from the machine.

Boats may be left on the water in the marina. Berths F8-10, near the travel lift and the end of F dock. Please only leave boats in the designated berths.

NB. In this image the launching ramp is along Akersten St to the left, between dock B and C.

Parking of trailers/boats will be possible in the locked Marina compound. Contact NYC Shore Manager Chris Roff on 021 0248 4834 to get the key and with any questions.

Route that works in both directions

Support boats may be called upon by the race committee or the safety officer to assist in an emergency using Flag V (Victor) with a long sound signal. Skippers will be issued with a pack including a contact sheet for all official and support personnel on the water, the NYC abandonment/emergency procedures, the “boat with no sailor” Emergency Action Plan, and coloured ribbons to attach to a boat if removing the sailor and abandoning the boat.

Support boat Skippers should also be aware of the Nelson City Council Navigation Safety Bylaw, with particular reference to the mandatory wearing of lifejackets/buoyancy aids on all craft under 6m, and the Nelson Harbour Activity Priority Map (below). It also covers the special exclusions and rules around shipping movements and the harbour entrance (The Cut) and the navigation channel, which become total exclusion zones. Don’t get in the way of any big ships! πŸ˜‰

We have always had a good relationship with Port Nelson and with a new Harbourmaster recently instated, we’d like to keep in his good books!